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Character Bios

This is my character bios page. Here you will learn (or know more) about the Inuyasha characters! If i have forgotten anyone please email me here and give me a short bio about them and i will add them on! :)

Inuyasha--->he is arrogant and stubborn. he is a half dog demon. and he likes kagome. although he is he still has feelings for kagome..then he also has feelings for KIKYO. the first time kagome and inuyasha met he thought kagome was kikyo. he does not show his feelings very often though. he is mostly the leader of the group. on full moons he becomes full demon. On new moons he becomes fully human.

Kagome--->she is a 15 year old high school girl from normal Japan. She is an reincarnation of Kikyo. She was also the one who freed Inuyasha from the tree that Kikyo bound Inuyasha to. she likes inuyasha but he keeps on going back to Kikyo and saying she looks like her and everything. kagome can also controll Inuyasha by saying sit or Osuwari.

Shippo--->shippo is a fox kitsune or child. he doesnt have many powers except for fox fire and transfiguration. his parents were killed by the thunder brothers so he looks at kagome as his mother. shippo is the most energetic of the group and is almost always worried when kagome and inuyasha fight because he thinks they will never be friends. shippo is also very inmature and doesnt know why inuyasha and kagome dont take a bath together. he is very cute and fluffy though.

Miroku--->he is perverted. he asks almost every girl he meets to bear his child. 0.0 he also has a wind tunnel in his hand which was caused by naraku a long time ago and passed down through his generations. once he defeats naraku the wind tunnel will dissapear. he is also a monk. he tells ppl that there is a demon in the finest house so that they will have a nice place to stay.

Sango--->she is a teenage demon slayer. sango uses the giant boomerang on her back to battle demons. her boomerang is also called a hirakotsu *i think thats how u spell it*. she seeks revenge from naraku because he controlled her little brother making him kill all the fellow demon slayers and almost killing her. then naraku told her inuyasha was the demon who did this so she tried to kill inuyasha. now her little brother is living by only the shikon shard that is on his back.

Kilala--->she is sangos loyal partner in fighting demons. sango had kilala for a long time. Kilala is able to transform from the cute little demon to the terrofing demon that can rip heads off.

Myoga---> he is a flea and informs inuyasha about battles he will face and about the demon he is fighting. he also tells inuyasha what is possessed and stuff like that. he is very cowardly.

Naraku---> he is the person you love to hate. Naraku is very tricky and he controlls people. he is controlling Kohaku. Kagura and Kanna are reincarnations of him and do all the dirty work for him. Naraku holds their hearts in his hands so he can destroy kanna and kagura. as for kohaku he holds his memories and kohaku listens to naraku because he doesnt want to remember them.

Kagura--->she is one of narakus reincarnations. she is very rebellious and doesnt like naraku very much. she tries once to get her heart back from naraku but she fails. she also tries to get it back by giving one of the shards to sesshomermaru.

Kanna--->she is very softspoken and doesnt disobey naraku like kagura does. her main weapon is a mirror which could deflect and absorb peoples souls. she is very quiet and barely ever talks. her phrase is your soul is now mine.

Kohaku--->he is sangos little brother and is under narakus control. before he had killed all his fellow demon slayers and also attempted to kill his older sister and failed. then he was killed but naraku kept him alive wiht the shikon shard. he also took all his memories away because kohaku didnt want to remember.

Kikyo--->she was inuyashas first love. she pinned inuyasha to the tree because naraku had tricked them both into killing each other. Kikyo was a priestess and didnt want to show lots of emotion because she couldnt let her guard down. many times she takes inuyasha away from kagome and kisses him and tries to take him to hell with her. Kikyo is one strange priestess.

Sesshomaru--->he is a full demon. he is Inuyasha's half brother and doesnt like him because Inuyasha is a "half-breed" and because he was destined to have the tetusaiga.*i think that is how u spell it* he has lots of attacks. he also joins forces with naraku once and tries to kill Inuyasha but he fails. his nickname is fluffy. it is fluffy because of the fluffy thing on his shoulder. his attitude is very sullen and serious.

Rin--->she is a little girl that served sesshomaru and was then killed by wolf demons. after seeing this, sesshomaru felt sorry for her and brought her back to life. since he did that she follows him as one of his loyal followers. her mood is very lively and energetic. she looks towards fluffy as her father because she was an orphan.

Jaken--->he is an imp. he has a staff with two heads on it. his staff can breathe fire and do rituals. jaken was not to pleased when rin joined the group. jaken was the first follower of sesshomaru. he is very paranoid and is used as a tester for the swords and attacks that sesshomaru learns. although he is pushed around he still stays with the group.

Koga--->he is very possessive and cares very much for kagome because she can detect the jewel shards. every once in a while he steals away kagome and inuyasha gets mad. he also calls kagome his woman. he shouldnt do that though because he had promised ayanme that he would mate with her if she was ever in trouble. koga is also a leader of his tribes pack.

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